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Veritext Discounts for AABANY


VERITEXT is currently offering discounts for AABANY members. This offer is good through February 1, 2013. 

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Original + 1 certified transcript
*prices based on one copy sold to other counsel
Add $.50 to O + 1 if no other copy sold to other counsel

Standard 8 business days: $4.25 pp
Expedited 3 business days: $2.50 pp surcharge
Daily next mornng: $2.95 pp surcharge

Attendance Fee: $50/session*
* Except llinois, Florida and Washigton state - $30/hour

Exhibits hard copy: $.15 pp
Exhibits scanned: $.10 pp

Rough Draft: $1.35 pp surcharge

Loaner Laptops loaded w/ LiveNote software: No Charge

Livenote connection in deposition: $1.50 pp surcharge
Remote Livenote connection: $1.75 pp surcharge

CD Depo (transcript.exhbit on CD): Included

Condensed Transcrpt: Included

Conference rooms in most venues across the country to host your depositions: No Charge

VIP21**: Included
* * Our transcript/exhibit repository. Enables you to schedule, review your calendar, print/search all of your transcripts and exhibits. To protect the integrity and confidentiality of our client's personal information our repository has an added layer of security confirming to industry privacy standards. All passwords associated with VIP21 are encrypted.

Videography: $295 first two hours, $95 each additional hour.

For video format, DVD, MPEGl, Video Synch, $50/hr.

When booking the assignment let them know that you are an AABANY member and would like to take the AABANY discount, or use to book the assignment.

Please note, for cases with a large volume of depositions or many copies sold to other parties, please call or email for further discounts.
Debra Neiderfer, 212-812-9770,
Debra Saline, 212-812-0701,