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Pitch Session FAQ

Fall Conference Pitch Session FAQs

Where can I find general information regarding the 2012 AABANY Fall Conference?

Click here.

Where will the pitches take place?

In conference rooms at the offices of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher (200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166) during the 2012 Fall Conference.

What is the level of seniority of the in-house participants?

In-house participants will either (i) have direct responsibility for making decisions on hiring outside counsel decisions or (ii) have significant influence over selection of outside counsel and can arrange for meetings with more senior counsel within their respective organizations.

What information is a law firm or solo practitioner required to provide?

Please check the on-line form at

How will in-house participants be matched with law firms and solo practitioners?

A Pitch Sessions Program Oversight Committee will be forwarding the names of qualified law firms and solo practitioners who submit their information to interested in-house counsel. In-house counsel will then choose which law firms/solo practitioners they are interested in scheduling a meeting with at the 2012 Fall Conference.

How will I know what kind of pitch the participating in-house counsel are interested in hearing? How will I know what their needs are so we can adequately prepare for the pitch?

We expect that the participating in-house counsel will be interested in a broad cross-section of legal areas.  If, based on the company name or description alone, you are unsure whether the participating in-house counsel would be interested in hearing your pitch, you should list the name or designation of such participating in-house counsel.  The Pitch Sessions Program Oversight Committee will review the law firm applications and match firms with in-house counsel. The sooner you are able to complete the law firm application form, the sooner we can make the match.  You will be notified by September 7 if you have been selected by an in-house counsel participant and will be provided with more detailed information at that time to allow you to prepare your pitch.

What steps are involved to participate in the Pitch Session?

Law firms interested in applying for the Pitch Session should do the following:

  1. Complete the application form at
  2. AABANY will review the application and follow-up with the companies you are interested in meeting with.
  3. You will be eligible for up to four pitches, depending on inhouse counsel indications of interest.
  4. AABANY will contact you to let you know which companies wish to meet with you and what they are interested in learning about your firm and your capabilities.
  5. Once the match is made, you will be required to register for the Fall Conference at, unless you are already registered.
  6. After you are registered, AABANY will let you know which time slot you have on September 15 and who you will be meeting with from each company.  Each pitch session is allotted 30 minutes.

Is there a cost to participate?

Full Day Registration includes breakfast, lunch, cocktail reception and admission to all CLEs, trial skills+ and pitch sessions++.
+Must register by August 28 to order NITA course materials which will be an additional $65 for the books.
++Must submit an application for a pitch with a participating in-house counsel (IHC) by August 31 to be considered for a pitch to an IHC. Includes up to four pitch sessions. If your pitch application has been accepted, you will be notified by September 7.

Early Bird Registration rate is denoted by an asterisk  (*) and the deadline is Aug 31.
Cocktails: Admission only to cocktail reception which includes hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

Full Day (Members – Private Sector) - $100*/$125
Full Day (Non-members – Private Sector) - $250*/$275

Full Day (Members – Non-profit/Government/Students) - $75*/$100
Full Day (Non-members – Non-profit/Government/Students) - $125*/$150
Cocktails (Members – Private Sector/Non-profit/Government/Students) - $50*/$75; (Non-members – Private Sector/Non-profit/Government/Students) - $100*/$125

Anything else I should know about the Fall Conference Pitch Sessions?

AABANY reserves the right to determine the suitability of law firm/solo practitioner submissions; limit the number of law firms/solo practitioner submissions made to each in-house counsel participant; and make recommendations to participating in-house counsel. There can be no assurance that a law firm or solo practitioner that makes a submission for the Pitch Sessions Program will be selected or that participation in the Pitch Sessions Program will result in actual legal work.