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Committee Chair Resources: Event Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

This page aims to consolidate all frequently asked questions that Committee Chairs may come across during your event planning process.  If you have a question that is not addressed, please email

Can AABANY provide some guidelines on how to organize an event?

Yes, please check out this very useful guide on how to run an AABANY program here.  As a Cheat Sheet, you can use the Event Planning Checklist that we have prepared to keep you on track. 

Can AABANY help me with planning my event?

Yes, we can provide you with logistical support so that you and your Committee can focus on coming up with great event ideas!  Our support includes: 

(a)  Putting event on AABANY calendar and identifying any conflicts

(b)  Providing a sharable link for registration 

(c)  Customizing your registration preferences (e.g., member vs. non-member registration, registration deadline, registration cap, etc.)

(d)  Providing updates on registration list to be sent to venue security

(e)  Keeping track of event venue and vendor (see Recommended Venue & Vendor List)

(f)    Publicizing event on Weekly Announcements (submit by noon on Thursday before), with other Committee Co-Chairs and with other minority bar associations

(g)  Organizing event volunteers to help set up and man registration table

(h)  Ensuring Membership Committee and, if needed for CLE event, Professional Development Committee representation and materials at event

(i)    Coordinating photos and article write-up of your event

How far in advance should I start planning an event? 

We generally recommend planning an event at least four (4) weeks in advance. You may need more time if, for example, you are thinking of getting many speakers or if your event involves multiple components (e.g., a video project plus a panel discussion). 

AABANY programs have been put together on less than four weeks' advanced planning, but we would advise against it, because having ample time to prepare and plan will help ensure that the program will be well-organized and that it will receive adequate publicity to maximize attendance.

We are planning a CLE panel. What steps do I need to take in order to get accreditation?


Please check out our CLE Checklist and Resource Page here and keep our Professional Development Committee Chair informed of this event by emailing

The application for AABANY CLE Accreditation can be found here. As of February 1, 2015, paper forms are no longer accepted. Any general questions can be directed to

If we are required to enter into contract for venue or catering for an event, who needs to sign off on it?  Am I authorized to sign the contract on behalf of AABANY as a Committee Chair?

Before entering into a contract, please make sure you have reviewed the terms and that your event budget has been approved. After that, please send the contract to Yang Chen at for review and signature.

We would like to record our program or do a video project and need signed releases from our panelists or video subjects.  Does AABANY have a form of release that we can use?


Yes, you can find AABANY’s CLE Presenter Agreement here and modify it as necessary for non-CLE events. 

Where can I find publicity materials used for prior events?

We encourage you to be creative and use volunteers/resources available to you. For your reference, you can see a few examples of the past fliers and marketing materials produced by Committees here

Should I use the AABANY logos in my publicity materials?

Yes, you can find AABANY logos here

What if we underestimated the cost of an event or did not budget for an event at all, can we still do the event?

If you are planning to do an event or project that was not included in your budget request, please email even if you do not need funding.  If you do need funding for such an event, please also include your budget request in the email.  We will consider all additional budget requests, subject to availability of funds and to budget allocation considerations described in the 2015-2016 Budget Guidelines.   

How much should we charge non-AABANY members for an event?

Whether you want to charge AABANY members or non-members for an event is up to your Committee and may depend on your overall cost for running the program (e.g., fees for using the facility, food and refreshments and copying costs).

Note, however, that AABANY CLE programs have tended to be free but AABANY does have the ability to charge for its CLE programs. We suggest that you make the CLE program free to AABANY members and charge a fee to non-AABANY members. To encourage people to become AABANY members you may want to offer free admission in exchange for membership sign-up.  As a guideline, AABANY suggests $20 per credit to be charged to nonmembers.

Note also that AABANY has a financial aid policy for CLEs, which should be included in the program publicity. The policy is can be found in Appendix B of this pdf.

Is there a deadline by which I have to submit the Post Event Accounting Reimbursement Form?


Please try to submit your Post Event Accounting and Reimbursement Form as soon after your event as possible, or as major expenses occur, but not more than one month after the event.  AABANY requires proof of purchase or receipt for all reimbursement requests. Processing of reimbursements may take up to three weeks.  If you have a change, require an extension, or have any problems, please contact Treasurer Naf Kwun at

We would like to solicit corporate sponsors for our event. Is there a sponsorship form I should use? Anything else I need to be aware of?

AABANY does not have a standard sponsorship form for Committee Level events. However, you can contact Yang Chen at for assistance.

For non-financial sponsorship requests, please read our policy here. All financial and non-financial sponsorship requests should be pre-approved by Yang Chen at


Happy planning!