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AABANY Subcommittee on the Federal Judiciary

AABANY Subcommittee on the Federal Judiciary


AABANY announces the formation of a new Subcommittee on the Federal Judiciary of the Judicial Affairs Committee (JAC) that will lead and carry out AABANY’s priorities, initiatives, and efforts with regards to the Federal Judiciary.


Goals and Purposes


The Subcommittee will strive to focus on the following areas:


(a)  tracking vacancies in the Federal Judiciary;

(b)  advocating and lobbying for increasing the diversity of the Federal Judiciary, and, in particular, increasing the number of Asian Pacific American (“APA”) Article III judges;

(c)  identifying, encouraging, and assisting APA candidates to apply for open federal judicial positions;

(d)  advocating for the appointment of APAs to federal judicial screening panels;

(e)  formulating guidelines for the screening of federal judicial candidates as the need arises;

(f)  advocating for increasing federal judicial salaries and other issues relating to the Federal Judiciary;

(g)  promoting the importance of federal judicial clerkships; and

(h)  coordinating and working with NAPABA’s Judiciary Committee to further the foregoing goals.

Evaluation of Candidates for the Federal Judiciary

A working group of the Subcommittee will address, in the first instance, issues regarding any endorsement, letter of recommendation, lobbying, and/or any other action proposed to be taken by AABANY in support of a specific candidate’s application to the Federal Judiciary.  The group will be composed of three (3) to six (6) members of the Subcommittee, including the Chair.

Among other things, the group, in its discretion, will (a) obtain information deemed relevant to a candidate’s background and profile; (b) review such material and information; (c) conduct any further due diligence it deems appropriate; and (d) formulate a recommendation for a course of action, if any, that AABANY should consider pursuing, which will be sent to the President.  Among the non-exhaustive factors that the group will employ in making its recommendation are the following qualities of the candidate:  (a) integrity; (b) impartiality; (c) intellectual ability; (d) knowledge of the law; (e) industriousness; and (f) judicial demeanor and temperament.  The President will determine whether any course of action should be taken with respect to the recommendation and report such determination to the Board.  The Board will then review the President’s determination and make a final determination as to an appropriate course of action.

Further Information

If you are seeking assistance in connection with applying for a position in the Federal Judiciary or are interested in joining the Subcommittee, please contact Theo Cheng, the Chair of the Subcommittee, at