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AABANY Committees

The work of AABANY is primarily done through the volunteer efforts of our committees, which you are invited to join.

For more information about each Committee click on the hyperlinks below. All Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs are listed below.

Academic Committee

Seth Endo

Asia Practice Committee

Alex Hao
Christina Ying
Margaret Ling

Corporate Law Committee

Ed Lee 
Larry Wee
Ting Chen

Career Placement Committee

Rob Leung
Jeff Ikejiri
Daphne Ha
Christina Nguyen

Bankruptcy Committee

Vincent Roldan
Jessica Liou
William Hao

Government Service & Public Interest Committee

Jonathan Hernandez
Kevin Hsi
Beatrice Leong

Immigration & Nationality Law Committee

Poonam Gupta
Amanda Bernardo
Susan Akina

In-House Counsel Committee

Duane Morikawa
Blossom Kan
Grace Fu

Intellectual Property Committee

Charles Chen
Shannon Zhu
Jeff Tang

Issues Committee

Chris Kwok
Song Kim

Judiciary Committee

Rob Leung
Linda Lin

Labor & Employment Committee

Joane Wong
David Mou
Bryan An

LGBT Committee

Glenn Magpantay
John Vang




Litigation Committee

Lisa C. Chan
James Shih
Ona Wang

Membership Committee

Tristan Loanzon
Jack Chen
Amy Ngai
Cary Chan

Military & Veteran Affairs Committee

Brian Song
Michael Krause

Newsletter Committee

Naf Kwun
Albert Suh
Marshall Amores

Pro Bono Committee

Sam Lui
Pauline Yeung-Ha
Ariana Pabalan

Prosecutors Committee

Jim Lin
Helen Ahn
Matthew Yi

Professional Development Committee

Francis Chin

Real Estate Committee

Margaret Ling
Cary Chan
Anthony Fong

Solo and Small Firm Practice Committee

Cary Chan
David Lu

Tax Committee

Joon Pae
Sahang-Hee Han
Rich Williams

Women's Committee

Vicky Gerr
Karen Shen

Young Lawyers Committee

Ona Lu
Albert Suh 
Tiffany Miao