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Judiciary Committee

Committee Co-Chairs:

Dai Wai Chin Feman
Rena Malik
William Wang

The Judiciary Committee leads AABANY’s efforts to work towards increasing the number of qualified Asian Pacific American ("APA”) attorneys in the federal, state, and local judiciary and to advocate for the interests of APA judges, including increasing judicial pay and preserving judicial independence. 

The Judiciary Committee’s work falls into four main categories:

  1. Recruiting and preparing potential candidates for the judiciary, including currently sitting members of the bench who seek higher judicial office.
  2. Evaluating judicial candidates to determine whether AABANY should formally endorse them. The policies and procedures for AABANY’s endorsement process are posted on the AABANY website.
  3. Advocating on behalf of and otherwise supporting candidates for the judiciary whom AABANY has endorsed.
  4. Formulating AABANY’s positions and thereafter engaging in advocacy (e.g., speeches, legislative testimony, public fora, amicus briefs, and editorials) on issues related to judicial independence and judicial selection procedures.

The Committee is open to any questions about the Committee, New York Judiciary, and the Judicial Selection Process. The Committee is currently revising its Judicial Endorsement Policy and Procedures.

Judicial Endorsement Policy and Procedures (as of November 20, 2017)

If you're interested in receiving an endorsement from AABANY for your judicial candidacy, click on the link about to read the rules and procedures.

AABANY Clerkship Directory

The Judiciary Committee has created a clerkship directory to gather information about our members who may be willing to act as future resources. If you've ever clerked for a judge, please take a minute to fill out this survey and forward to others:

AABANY Judiciary Committee LinkedIn Group

If you're interested in joining the AABANY Judiciary Committee LinkedIn Group, click here. We encourage you to join and share whatever news you find relevant.

To contact the Committee Chairs for this Committee, click "Contact Us" at the top and fill out the form, and tell us in the Comment field what in particular you would like to know about the Committee and its activities.