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AABANY 2019 Mentorship Program

Welcome to AABANY’s 2019-2020 Mentorship Program!

AABANY’s Mentorship Program provides support, advice, and networking opportunities to aid both mentors and mentees in their professional and personal development. Each mentee is matched to a mentor who will serve as a teacher, role model, and resource to the mentee. By way of one-to-one relationships and Mentorship Program events held throughout the year, the program will provide the structure to advance professional growth and networking skills of both mentors and mentees. Mentors and mentees will be AABANY members and may come from any level of experience and practice area.

Our Mentorship Program is different from other programs by focusing on not only practice areas but also personal interests when matching mentors and mentees. By doing so, we hope to facilitate long-lasting relationships that are compatible personally as well as professionally. Because of the program's popularity, we will be giving priority to those mentee applicants who are AABANY members. As such, if you would like to participate as a mentee, please ensure that you are an AABANY member when applying.

If you are a past participant, please feel free to sign up for a new mentee or mentor. However, we encourage you to maintain your current relationship with your mentee or mentor as well.

Applications for mentors and mentees for the 2019-20 Mentorship Program will open from April 15, 2019 to May 10, 2019. Please click on the applicable form on this page to apply. Potential mentors can also send their resume or on-line profile (e.g., LinkedIn) by email to Shruti Chopra, at

Mentor-mentee matches will be sent out via email by June 15, 2019, with the official kick-off event soon after. 

Questions? Please direct them to Shruti Chopra, Chair of the Mentorship Program, at

Mentee Responsibilities and Expectations

By participating in this program, the mentee agrees to comply with the Mentee Guidelines available HERE. Additionally, we recommend that the mentee:

  • Initiate contact with the mentor
  • Meet with the mentor face-to-face a few times within the course of the year
  • Follow-up with the mentor by email/phone and keep the mentor informed of progress/difficulties
  • Inform the mentor of any interest in a legal practice area
  • Take ownership for his or her own mentoring process and career development
  • Be willing to learn and take feedback from the mentor
  • Be open to the mentor’s suggestions and make a good effort at implementing them
  • Be appreciative of the mentor’s time and support by being punctual, courteous and responsive


Mentor Responsibilities and Expectations

By participating in this program, the mentor agrees to:

  • Meet with the mentee face-to-face a few times within the course of the year
  • Follow up with mentee
  • Acquaint the mentee with his or her law practice
  • Provide support, advice and constructive criticism to build the mentee’s skills and confidence
  • Establish ground rules with the mentee, e.g., best methods of contact
  • Encourage the mentee to contact him or her with any questions or concerns
  • Introduce or make the mentee aware of resources, opportunities and other attorneys that would help the mentee with his or her career development